Oddryk Waveheart


Height: 5’11"
Weight: 357lbs (Stone Bodied)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black


Oddryk Waveheart is the son of Dorn Waveheart, a fisherman from Leeside, and Lureene Waveheart, a barmaid of The Muddled Merrow. Brother of Miri Waveheart.

When he was younger he loved to go out with his father on fishing trips and walk along the shoreline looking for unique rocks. His magic first manifested itself while he was out at sea with his father during one of these trips. Out of nowhere a small group of sahuagin boarded his father’s ship with the intent to kill everyone on board. Wishing for nothing, but the strength to get everyone on board to be back to safety he suddenly felt his body surge with magic as his skin turned hard as stone. Thankfully, he was able to use his newfound magic to route the sahuagin off of his father’s ship due to them not expecting any worthwhile resistance.

Both of his parents were so proud that their son had the capacity for magic. They decided to send him off to Volcrest to assure he could hone his magic and could become someone of great value to the world. Unfortunately, After a few months of tessting it was determined that his type of magic wasn’t one that could be honed by books and it was bluntly put that Oddryk lacked the capacity to develop one. He was promptly taken back down to Volcrest landing. While waiting for a ship to arrive to take him back home Oddryk was exploring the bazaar. He happened across an onyx-black book that seemed to be calling out to him. The feeling of power it was emanating reminded him of the day his power manifested itself and he wanted it. The merchant seemed a little out of place, but he was willing to practically give the book away so Oddryk paid him no mind. He was so excited to see what the book contained that he almost walked away without thanking the merchant, but when he turned back around to do so the merchant was gone. The book was titled Blackrazor.

He ended up finding passage back home with Doran Windrider, A friend of his father’s who owned a merchant ship. Even now he could feel the power emanating from the book so he read it. It consisted of mostly symbols he didn’t recognize and unsettling pictures of things that probably didn’t exist. He couldn’t make any sense of it except for a portion in the middle that was titled “The Rite of Coalesce”. It wasn’t overly complicated; He had to draw a diagram, place the book in it, read a few passages, and supply the book with a prick of “blood with power”. 
Oddryk woke up later woke up washed up on a beach feeling very dazed. He vaguely remembered a dream of him surrounded by complete darkness. He saw a sinister looking serrated sword floating several feet ahead him that seemed to be so black it did out from the darkness that surrounded it. He heard a voice in his head; “So the pact is made… A small taste of my power in life and in death…" It continued. “… your soul is mine.”. "My soul?” Oddryk said startled. “I never agreed to give up my soul!” He continued. “You’ve already completed the ritual…” The voice rang again “…it is no longer optional.”. Oddryk was started to get worried. “I didn’t know! If I did I never would have completed it!” He shouted. “That’s too bad…” The voice said. “…that I don’t care.”. Oddryk started shouting “I won’t let you have it!” As he let out a burst of energy that caused the darkness to cower, but the sword seemed unaffected by it. For a few seconds there was only silence as the the light lingered until the swords bladed end started rotating toward Oddryk and he felt himself restrained by an unseen force. The darkness took back control of the area and he heard the voice once more. “Like I said before; it’s no longer optional… One way or another your soul is now mine… The only optional part about it…” The voice continued “… is when and how I take it.” and before Oddryk had a chance to respond he felt the sword Pierce him through the heart. He woke up washed up on land dazed and still reeling from the pain.

After taking some time to gather his wits and catch his breath, Oddryk realized he knew this place. He made it here a few times with his father when he was younger. He was somewhere along the shores near Solaris. He made his way to the town and found a place to lay down for the night. Before he fell asleep he couldn’t help, but wonder about the throbbing pain coming from his chest and while inspecting it to confirm that he wasn’t actually stabbed he saw the black sword from his dream engraved into his skin over his heart. What had he done?

It’s been a few years since then. Oddryk has taken up temporary residence in Solaris. He’s somewhat of a strong lad and has the endurance to keep working when most others would be exhausted so finding jobs loading and unloading visiting ships has been no problem for Oddryk. Every now and the he’ll help the city fend off Sahuagin attacks; which relative to past records, have been happening much more frequently of late. As far as he knows, his parents still think he’s at Volcrest becoming a “Mighty wizard”, but he’s really abiding his time. Doing everything in his power to become stronger for when whatever marked him comes to collect its debt and it’s about time for him to grab the next merchant ship out of Solaris. If he’s gonna get stronger he’s gonna have to explore more than just this tiny island. Who knows? Maybe he’ll make some allies to help him along they way.

Short term: Explore Alaraan and find opportunities to test/improve his strength.
Medium Term: Keep the dark power within himself under control, find a way out of the dark pact, and make something of himself to make his parents proud.
Long term: Use his powers to gather enough wealth so his family can retire and make sure the areas around human settlements are always safe

Oddryk Waveheart

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